How To Keep A Glass Pool Fence Clean?

How To Keep A Glass Pool Fence Clean?2022-06-06T13:34:09+10:00
  • How To Keep Glass Pool Fence Clean

Like any typical glass, your glass pool fence can also get dirty over time. Weather, dirt, handprints and grime are some of its worst enemies. While a glass pool fence is safe and can add beauty and flare to any home, if it gets dirty it will no longer look as stylish in fact it can even be an eye sore.

If you have recently had glass pool fence installed it is very important that you know how to maintain its look. If you’re worried that you can’t keep up, don’t be. It only takes a couple of steps and a cleaning schedule to do the trick. And no, it doesn’t require you to shell out a huge amount of money, effort and time because once you master it, it will be as easy as 1-2-3.

How To Keep Glass Pool Fence Clean

Cleaning Tips For Your Glass Pool Fence

Since glass pool fences are already popular, you can find tons of glass pool treatments being sold in the market but we have our own recommendations. Here are some cleaning tips for your glass pool fence to maintain its sophisticated and modern look – regardless of the glass you choose.

  • When it comes to regular maintenance, you can use a regular glass cleaner or a bathroom cleaner. For stubborn stains, you can use a scratch-free white pad.
  • When your glass fence is exposed, dirt and dust are simply washed away when it rains but during the summer, it can be difficult to remove unless you use a hose and clean water to wash it off.
  • If there is still remaining visible dirt, you can use a damp microfiber cloth to remove it followed by a dry towel.

How do you clean aluminum rails and posts on your glass pool fence?

Aside from cleaning your glass, you also need to clean your aluminum rails. When cleaning aluminum surfaces make sure you wash it down with warm water together with a dishwashing liquid to clean the area. If there are stubborn dirt and grime you can use soft fiber brushes. Avoid using coarse papers, as this will scratch the rails. It is important to finish off your cleaning by completely rinsing all areas with clean water. When there is presence of greasy deposits you need to wash it off with a white spirit or mineral spirit using a soft cloth.

How often should you have your glass pool fence cleaned?

Well, the answer depends on the type of environment you have as well as the level of pollution surrounding your area. We will break down environments based on the following categories: Mild, moderate and severe. Mild environment are those that are rural and are located away from urban and industry activities. Moderate is mostly urban, it is inland and is away from substantial industrial activity. Severe environment are those located within ten kilometers of the western coast of Australia or those subject to salt deposition.

If the type of environment you are in is mild we recommend you clean it every six months max using warm water and a cleaner. If you are in a moderate environment, we recommend you clean your glass pool fence every three months using warm water and a cleaner. And lastly, if you belong to the severe environment, we recommend you clean your glass pool fence every two to four weeks with warm water and a cleaner.

What products should you avoid?

Obviously, you’ll find a lot of glass pool fence treatments and cleaning products out there to keep your glass pool fences clean and sparkly but we strongly discourage you to use products that contain metal scrapers, steel wool or blades, hyaluronic acid or fluorine derivatives and those that contain highly alkaline and acidic products.

It is important that you steer clear from strong glass cleaners. If your glass fence has no Nano coating your best option is to use a dishwashing soap and some warm water. You may also use a microfiber cloth or a sponge and clean the glass as you would if you were cleaning plates and glasses. After soaping, you can simply remove the soapsuds by rinsing it with cold water.

Even though we’ve given our suggested schedule as to when you need to clean your glass pool fences, if you can already see stubborn stains, dirt and grime don’t wait until your next scheduled clean.