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Aluminium Fencing – Pool Fencing Specialists

ALS Glass Works also specialise in all types of aluminium fencing, including screens, pool fencing and balustrades. We use high quality materials and have years of experience installing aluminium fencing throughout Brisbane, so you can relax and trust our professionals to quote and install your fencing solution to the highest standard of quality.

Why not combine the modern look and unobstructed view that glass pool fencing provides with our attractively priced and trusted standard aluminium fencing?


Aluminium fencing is a great option for the swimming pool area. The fencing installed provides safe pool conditions, meets all the requirements that Australian building codes set, and gives that needed polish your swimming pool area needs.

This fencing is very popular today because it lasts a long time and its minimal look gives it an edge in elegance. The aluminium itself is not corrosive and to give it even more strength and anti-corrosion abilities, it has been coated with a special powder. It’s way better than steel in that it’s lightweight but strong.


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Aluminium fencing provides great protection from trespassers like large animals and pets from walking into or swimming in your pool.


For Great Views

Because the rails and pickets are skinny, having this fence enables you to still enjoy beautiful views unobstructed.

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For Value

Aluminium gives a look similar to iron fencing but at a lower cost. Because of its durability, you won’t have to spend money maintaining it. You won’t need to repair or re-install new ones for years to come.

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For The Most Minimal Maintenance

After installation, virtually no maintenance is required. It just might need to be hosed off with clean water to get dust off. There is no need for wiping it down.

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If you want your pool area to look elegant and polished, aluminium fencing in your choice of colour is the way to go. Yes, they come in different colours and styles now. You can choose one that best fits or blends into your surroundings. Depending on the grade of your landscape, you can install the aluminium fencing seamlessly to it’s shape so that there are no hideous interruptions in the fencing.



Though lightweight, the fencing is quite strong and sturdy. It will not be affected by high winds as the winds can just blow through the fence. It can withstand day to day activities by the pool. The fencing is designed to be anti-corrosive so it will not deteriorate over time leaving you with a fence that will last a long time.


As mentioned at the beginning, you can combine the look of aluminium fencing with glass fencing. Half or parts of your swimming pool can be done with glass pool fencing and the rest with aluminium fencing. You can enjoy the best of both worlds. You can put the aluminium railing on the side with the least attractive view and the glass pool fencing on the side with the most attractive views.


An ideal place for the aluminium fencing would be behind trees, shrubbery, or border areas surrounding the swimming pool so that you can enjoy a full view of the vegetation while still being protected from trespassers.

You can also put the fence around the whole yard that also encloses the pool with it. This choice is better if there are no small children that can easily wander into the pool. Close supervision of other older children is still important when the pool is easily accessible in the yard.

Unless you have a very small yard and pool area, it’s not the best to put the aluminium too close to the pool as it can feel a bit caged. You can install it close enough to isolate it from the rest of the yard but have enough room in the pool area for lounge chairs and for walking around.

If you entertain often and would like easier access to the pool for large gatherings, you can easily remove the necessary fence areas temporarily if the fence only encloses the pool. After entertaining, the removed fencing can be put back for daily safety measures.


Swimming pools are great places to entertain and exercise. However, they can also pose safety hazards if not supervised or closed off properly by protective fencing. ALS Glass Works can help you pick and install the perfect aluminium fencing to give you the protection your swimming pool area needs while not compromising on aesthetics.

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