Glass Fencing for Swimming Pools

Our glass pool fencing is stylish, secure and modern and uses the highest quality materials. ALS Glass Works can supply custom glass panels and balustrades directly to you, or come and professionally install them at your residential or commercial location anywhere in Brisbane. Choose frame-less or semi-frame-less glass fencing to enjoy an unobstructed view of your pool.

Glass pool fencing and gating is ideal as it allows uninterrupted views of your pool while still restricting access, to provide greater security for children in backyard swimming pools. It also provides a sophisticated and modern look to your backyard and lets you make the most of the view!

How To Keep Glass Pool Fence Clean
Factors To Consider When Choosing A Glass Pool Fence
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AlS Glass Works Can Satisfy All Your Swimming Pool Glass Fencing Needs

For glass fencing around your swimming pool area, you have the option of going with almost invisible lines using frameless fencing technology or you can opt to get partial frames for clean lines.

Keeping the Enjoyment Of Having A Pool While Increasing Safety

Having glass pool fencing divides the swimming pool area from the main yard but it let’s you look in on the activities happening in the water. This is great especially if you have active children. You can monitor them at peace in one part of the yard while the children can rambunctiously splash each other in the pool. You can also have a great time in the pool while being able to observe and enjoy your swimming pool and yard environment.

If you are particular about your swimming pool and don’t want to have your pets or other animals entering the water, having a glass or aluminium fence with a secure gate can keep them at a safe distance. You could also ask your Brisbane swimming pool builders to give you some ideas on how to stop animals from getting in.
Glass fencing surrounding the pool also provides a wall of protection from the wind elements so you can have a swim while not getting too cold.

Regular fences cannot withstand the corrosion that results from constant moisture or water exposure. The materials that glass pool fencing is engineered from are anti-corrosive and will stay structurally stable over time. Though the glass and frames may look fragile, they are durable and remarkably strong. They have been fabricated specifically to withstand strong winds, shocks, sun exposure and typical everyday human activities that may give it stress. They’re guaranteed for a long life and is a great option for lasting fencing.

Glass fencing will continue to look great no matter how much moisture or spillage from other colourful liquids come upon it because they’re so easy to maintain and clean. Minimal cleaners are required to keep them shining and looking brand-new. They can just be hosed down and wiped to keep dust at bay.



Protect your family and friends who enjoy having a swim or just relaxing by your pool without blocking the view of your home and your backyard. If your backyard is the ocean, the view will be even more worth it having glass fencing. You can still be part of the pool party while barbecuing nearby. You won’t miss any of the action happening in the water.


If you want your hotel or public swimming pool areas to have a modern and sophisticated feel and yet provide shelter and security in the pool area, surround your pool with glass fencing. The 90s have passed. Let the boring old look go with it. If you’re building a swimming pool or are doing pool renovations next, think about adding glass fencing to really make the pool standout. If you sell the public swimming pool or hotel in the future, you’ll probably get better value for it because of having installed the glass pool fencing.


For swimming pools in apartments or condominium-like complexes, glass fencing enhances the look of the swimming pool area leaving the tacky fence look in the dust. It will last longer against the elements than regular fencing.


The carefully selected glass has been tested by its makers to ensure it will last under different weather and regular stress conditions. It meets Australian building specifications so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of you and your family while enjoying recreation near the fence. The panes are built so that children cannot climb on it. The gates allow for easy opening and closing for entry and exit of the pool area.


The glass panes and steel mounts just need a wipe-down with glass cleaner and a bit of soap and some rinsing with clean water every few weeks or whenever you feel like cleaning it.


ALS Glass Works provides Brisbane glass pool fencing at affordable prices. If you have a set budget in mind, we will do our best to find a way to meet your budget requirements and still get you the glass fencing you want.


If you’d love to have glass pool fencing installed for residential or commercial purposes, call ALS Glass Works or email them directly using the contact information below.