Brisbane boasts of a subtropical climate, which translates to warm weather for most of the year. People living in Brisbane get to enjoy a total of 2,800 hours of beautiful sunshine all year round. It means you get to enjoy summer for 12 long months! It’s safe to say living on this side of the world is the envy of many cities. It doesn’t come as a surprise why Brisbane attracts millions of tourists year after year especially those coming from countries with unfavorable climate.

With the predictable weather pattern of this fascinating city, it’s understandable why people living in the area have swimming pools in their own backyards. As a matter of fact, it has been said that Australia has over 1.2 million household swimming pools making it the world’s highest pool ownership per capita rate. Almost 15% of Brisbane residents live in a home with a swimming pool.

As a pool owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your pool is safe for everyone. Sure, your swimming pool can be fun but it can also be dangerous. Do you know that backyard swimming pools are responsible for 74% of pool accidents? It’s because pool owners failed to install glass pool fences around it. If you own a swimming pool or if you are planning to build one in your home, make sure you install glass pool fences to prevent future accidents.

 Glass Pool Fencing Regulations in Brisbane, Queensland

We all know having a swimming pool built in your backyard is going to cost you money. This is probably the reason why many homeowners aren’t keen on adding a glass fence around their pools because they know it’s going to be an added expense. On the contrary, neglecting to install a glass pool fence is going to cost you more than just money if you incur accidents; it could cost you your life.

Maintaining pool safety is paramount especially if you have kids and pets in your home. One of the things you can do to ensure safety is by adding a glass pool fence around your pool. Australia is strict when it comes to glass pool fencing and they have certain laws and regulations that need to be followed to ensure maximum safety.

The following are pool fencing rules and regulations that apply to homeowners in Queensland. The rules for other states and cities may differ.

Pool Fencing Rules

  • Replace, tighten or adjust gate hinges
  • Make sure all gates are self-latching and self-closing
  • The fence should have a minimum height of 1200mm above ground level
  • Trim back branches and vegetation that your children can use to scale over the fence
  • Remove all possible climbable objects that are within 900mm distance of your glass pool fence
  • Install fixed security screens on the window openings into the pool enclosure
  • Eliminate all objects around the fence that can be climbed

Glass Pool Fence Maintenance

Just because you have successfully installed glass pool fences around your pool doesn’t mean your responsibility as a pool owner is over. You must also need to ensure that your fence is adequately maintained; otherwise, it’s going to defeat its purpose of providing safety and security for the family. A regularly maintained glass pool fence will keep children from slipping and drowning and it also prevents the occurrence of injuries. If you notice a part of the fence that is missing, make sure to replace it right away. If latches, palings or hinges are damaged, make it a priority to have them fixed. If the damage is way too extensive, replace them immediately. If you intend to sell your home, ensure that your glass pool fencing complies with current Australian standard.

How To Keep Your Glass Pool Fence Clean

The demand for glass pool fences continues to rise because aside from offering safety and security, it also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your backyard. The beauty of glass pool fences is that even though they function as barriers, you can still be able to see what is going on the other side of the fence because it’s made from clear glass. Compared to wooden pool fences that obstruct the view, a glass pool fence doesn’t. It gives a modern appeal to your home. The amazing thing about glass pool fences is that it does not destroy the theme of your home regardless if you have a Mediterranean, Victorian or Contemporary home design, your glass pool fences will blend right in.

However, like any other glass material, your glass pool fence can get dirty and grimy over time especially if you don’t get to clean it regularly. If you are worried about how to do it right, this guide can help you. In order to keep your glass pool fence spotless, here are a few things you need to do:

  • Steer clear from strong and harsh glass cleaners.

Is your glass pool fence coated with Nano? If it is, your best option is to use a few drops of liquid detergent soap (the one you use to clean your dishes and glasses) mixed in lukewarm water. With a sponge, gently apply the soap and water solution on the glass fence like you would if you were washing your dishes. One important reminder is to check your glass fence for the presence of sand. Usually, sand particles stick to the glass following a heavy rain. If this is the case, hose the glass with water and rub it clean using your bare hand before applying a sponge or any type of cloth on the glass surface.

After soaping the glass, hose it down with clean water to remove the suds. For your safety door and glass panels, you don’t need to wipe it dry; you can just leave it to dry on its own. For tough stains, you can choose a product that is specially designed for granite and glass cleaning. However, you can stop the build up of calcium stains on your glass fence by doing preventive maintenance.

  • Never forget your railings and posts
  • For semi-frameless glass pool fences, you will notice that the posts that keep the glass in place spans its full height. Cleaning these posts and railings is simpler than you think. All you need is a sponge or a damp cloth to remove grime. We suggest you use a microfiber cloth if you have one, since it’s gentler and it doesn’t create scratches on the glass surface.
  • Clean it regularly

It is ideal that you make time to clean your glass pool fence at least once every six months to achieve best results. However, this varies depending on where you live. Obviously, if you notice that your glass pool fence is enveloped in dirt then you should not wait for several months to have it cleaned. The rule of thumb for cleaning glass pool fences to increase its lifespan is to do it once every six months.

  • Dealing with stubborn stains

Power coated rails and posts that have stubborn stains can be difficult to remove. We suggest you use a mineral-based turpentine or a methyl-based mineral spirit to clean it without causing any damage to the powder coating. If you are using a Duplex 2205 mini post, you can be confident that it won’t rust or stain and because of its quality, it only requires very minimal maintenance if at all.

  • Apply a layer of protective coat on your glass pool fence

You can purchase a glass-coating product to prevent dust from building up and from penetrating the pores of the glass. This helps keep your glass cleaner for a longer time. If you are using superior coatings on a fresh glass, it is recommended that you do it once every few years but if you are using a less expensive coating like wax, you should do it every few months.

Benefits of Investing in a Glass Pool Fence

Even though most people prefer sunlight to rain, sometimes when the temperature soars abnormally high, we can’t help but think of ways to escape the heat. During days when the sun’s heat is unforgiving, you’ll be thankful you have your own swimming pool in your backyard. If you do own a swimming pool, it is important that you are mindful of your family’s safety. Apart from aesthetics, safety and security should be your top concern. Installing a glass pool fence around your pool is an important safety feature that all pool owners need to consider.

Here are other benefits of investing in a glass pool fence.

  • Swimming Pool Safety

A pool fence cannot replace adult supervision but it can, however, serve as an added layer of protection in case you get sidetracked. This is especially important if you have kids and pets in your home since you can’t possibly keep an eye on them 24/7. A pool fence gives you more time to protect your child before an accident happens. There are certain rules and guidelines you need to follow when installing glass pool fences. One example is the height of the pool fence. Australia is very strict about their rules so if your purpose is to protect your family, make sure you follow their height recommendation. Furthermore, ensure that the fence you install is self-latching and self-closing.

  • Lowers Risk of Pool Accidents

A glass pool fence is an investment that will benefit you for a long time because it reduces the risk of pool accidents. Are you aware that drowning is ranked as the second leading cause of death in children below 14 years old?That’s according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And what makes this even more horrifying is the fact that majority of these cases took place in household swimming pools. The good news is that isolating your swimming pool by installing a glass pool fence around it can prevent drowning by up to 83%.

  • A Worthwhile Investment

We’re not going to lie to you; a glass pool fence will cost you money. However, in terms of pricing, it’s a case-to-case basis. There are a number of factors that need to be considered such as the location, the type of fence you want installed and the size of the swimming pool in your home.

When scouting for a glass pool fence, always keep in mind that whatever amount you will be paying for, it is nothing compared to losing a child as a result of accidental drowning. You can always choose a low-cost pool but you must consider its quality and shelf life. A glass pool fence is recommended if you want a safe barrier without ruining the aesthetics of your backyard. A glass pool fence is without doubt a smart investment. It’s a one-time deal and as long as you know how to properly care for it, it will offer a lifetime of security around your swimming pool.

  • Different Options

What makes pool fences highly in demand is their diversity. Do you know that pool fences come in different styles and types to suit your individual preferences? You can choose from mesh, vinyl, wrought iron, aluminum, wood and glass. Regardless of the shape and size of your swimming pool, rest assured that it would be fenced entirely. Nonetheless, glass pool fences are drawing more and more attention because of its modern and sleek design.

Since it’s made entirely of glass, except for the posts that keep it together, you can see what is happening on the other side of the glass fence. You can enjoy drinks with your friends at the pool deck without having to walk all the way to the pool area to check your child because even from a distance, you can already see them. That’s the beauty of having a glass pool fence. For other types, although they serve the purpose of a barrier, the downside is that it obstructs the view of the swimming pool.

  • Peace of Mind

How would you feel if you heard a familiar scream and the sound of water splashing coming from your backyard swimming pool? It doesn’t take genius to figure out what is going on. If you had a glass pool fence surrounding your pool though, accidental drowning would have been prevented. With a glass pool fence, you will have peace of mind knowing that a barrier is preventing your child or your pet from accidentally getting into the pool. Peace of mind is priceless.

Glass Pool Fencing Standard Requirements

There are homeowners who prefer to do the DIY route but we recommend you hire professional glass pool fence installers to be sure that the glass is securely in place and that it meets Australian standards.

Australian Standards

If you have a swimming pool that has a depth of more than 300 millimeters then you need to have a safety barrier installed (not necessarily a glass pool fence but any type of pool barrier) to prevent the access of children and pets that are vulnerable to drowning. For glass pool barriers, you must comply with certain safety standards and building requirements that are different from conventional pool fencing:

  • AS 2208-2006 Safety Glazing Materials Buildings
  • AS 1926.1-201 Safety Barriers for Swimming Pool
  • AS 1288-2006 Glass in Buildings Selection and Installation

Height and Access

Australia requires that your glass pool fence should have at least 1200 millimeters in height and the gaps should not be more than 100 millimeters. Even though glass pool fences do not have footholds that you will be able to climb on, you still have to make sure that no climbable objects are near it such as pot plants, taps, rocks, tree branches and other ground elevations.

Any objects that can be used for scaling should be 900 millimeters away from the glass pool fence. To ensure that you are not breaking any rules, we recommend you hire professional glass pool fence installers. They can assess the area and make certain that the installation process will strictly comply with Australian rules and regulations.

Pool Gate and Latches

All glass pool gates should be designed to offer safe access and lessen the risk of unwanted entry. The following are Australian standard requirements that should be strictly followed and implemented:

  • The gates should open away from the pool
  • The gates should close automatically after use
  • The latch should be located on the pool side
  • For homeowners who decide to get a glass pool fence, they should keep in mind that the latch of the gate should be at least 1200 millimeters from the ground.

Compliance Certificates

A compliance certificate will show that your swimming pool is safe for use. It means it has already been checked and confirmed to be safe. However, accredited certifiers or a local council member should be the only ones who are allowed to perform the inspection.

Glass Pool Fence Types

Semi-Frameless Glass Versus Frameless Glass Pool Fences

Congratulations for finally deciding to have a protective glass pool fence installed around your pool! However,the decision-making doesn’t end there. There is still one more thing you need to decide on, selecting between a semi-frameless glass and a frameless glass pool fence. The following information will help you come up with a decision to suit your needs and your style.

Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fences

If you are looking for a glass pool fence that has a touch of the traditional fence but with elegance and flare then you should consider semi-frameless glass pool fences. With semi-frameless glass pool fences, the frame is only minimal and it only covers a certain area of the glass. It follows a minimalist design. The glass panels are affixed to strong Aluminum posts that are securely implanted to the ground that surrounds the pool. The posts are used to support the glass and to secure the fence. Compared to frameless glass that uses 12mm glass, semi-framless makes use of 10mm glass.

Frameless Glass Pool Fences

Most people who prefer frameless glass pool fences are those who are rooting for the inconspicuous type. Since frameless glass pool fences do not have frames at all, hence the name, they are subtler and they give off a more sophisticated feel. Even though this type of fence does not have frames, it is still durable and it will still serve its purpose in providing a barrier around your swimming pool. Since they are completely made of glass, there will be no hindrances to your view. Instead of the usual Aluminum posts used by semi-frameless glass fence, this one uses spigots. Spigots are made from durable stainless Aluminum that are designed to endure weathering.

The funny thing about frameless glass pool fences is that their main advantage is also a disadvantage, because it is so clear, you won’t notice they are there and you might accidentally bump into it. Even though it stops your children from falling into the pool, since they are perfectly translucent, they might hit their head while walking towards it. Not to worry because you can always put on safety stickers on the corners of the glass to avoid running into it.

Is A Glass Pool Fence Safe?

It wouldn’t be out in the market if it weren’t. So to answer your question, yes it is safe. The glass that is used to make the fence is not the same as the glass used in vases or dishes that breaks easily. When a tempered glass breaks, it will not break into sharp slivers that will cause injury but instead it will spread out in harmless glass crumbles. The reason why it doesn’t shatter into shards is because they are already broken inside. It’s how they are uniquely made that makes them safe.

This type of glass is exposed to extremely high heat for the purpose of adding pressure to the glass and compressing the glass surface. After being exposed to high heat it will then be cooled down swiftly creating millions of tiny fractures that helps improve its strength and durability. If in case it does break down or gets damaged, you can be confident that it will not pose any danger to your family or friends or anyone near the glass pool fence.

Why Choose Glass Pool Fencing?

Whether you choose the semi-frameless glass or the frameless glass pool fence, it doesn’t matter because as long as you are choosing glass over other material then you already made a smart choice since glass is more durable and more reliable compared to Aluminum, plastic or wood that easily wear. Yes, glass pool fences come with a price but its durability and stability and its ability to offer long-lasting protection means you have already saved a lot of money over repairs and replacements. You see, if you go for the less expensive option such as Aluminum fences, this type can easily corrode and rust and there is a possibility that some of its rust can go into your pool. As for pool fences that are made from wood, its quality may not be able to withstand extreme and erratic weather conditions and it will require meticulous and regular maintenance. Glass pool fences, on the other hand, are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions because of its durability and it requires very little maintenance.

Should I Go For Semi-Frameless or Frameless Glass Pool Fence?

It really all boils down to your needs and your preference. There’s no right or wrong choice. Both the semi-frameless and frameless glass pool fences have their own notable advantages, if you will base it on their perks, you will never be able to decide.

What you need to look it are your needs. For example, if you are worried about your children running into the glass because it is so clear they won’t be able to see it then it is best that you choose a semi-frameless glass pool fence instead of a frameless one. In terms of durability, both are similar and in terms of appeal, both are aesthetically pleasing because of its sophisticated design, the only difference is the obvious presence of Aluminum frames. If you still can’t decide, you can always ask glass pool installers for their ideas and suggestions.

Glass Balustrades

Both homeowners and business owners are adding glass balustrades in their homes and buildings because of its incredibly unique and elegant design. With the simple addition of glass balustrades you can already enhance the look and feel of any home or building even without undergoing major renovations.

What Are Glass Balustrades?

Glass balustrade is a kind of balustrading material that offers a protective barrier and is used as fencing. It comes in different styles and designs such as semi-frameless, fully frameless and fully framed. You can choose from a wide array of glass types such as safety glass, tempered glass or structure glass. You can also choose the design such as curved, textured, opaque or solid.

Used In Households

Since glass balustrades are highly versatile, you can install them in a number of areas in your home or building by replacing the traditional railing system. You can use glass balustrades in the following areas:

  • Balconies – regardless of the size of your balcony, glass balustrades is an excellent option. It adds charm and appeal to your balcony while at the same time functions as a safety barrier around it. The best thing about a glass balustrade is that it never obstructs the view. You can enjoy the view of the beach, a mountainside, your backyard garden or your pool without any interruptions.
  • Staircases – when you install glass balustrades in your staircase instead of the usual railings, you are actually giving it a floating feel. Some prefer to add railings on top of it for extra safety.
  • Glass pool fencing – aside from the balconies and staircases, glass balustrades is also popularly used as a pool fence. With a glass pool fence, you can have an unobstructed view of your pool area without ruining the landscape.

Why Choose Glass Balustrades?

Glass balustrades are an excellent option because of several reasons. One of the primary reasons why it is greatly in demand is its transparent feature. Most balustrades compromise the theme and feel of a home. Also, because of its bulk it makes your home look smaller. Glass balustrades, on the other hand, enhance the appeal and look of your home by making it look more sophisticated with its glass panels and aluminum posts.

It serves two major purposes, one, it’s an added safety feature to your home by acting as a barrier and two, it makes your home or building even more attractive with its modern and sleek design. The fun part is you can safely install it without destroying the theme or motif of your house or building. Modern, Victorian, Contemporary, it doesn’t matter because your glass balustrades will fit right in.

Aside from its functionality and appeal, glass balustrades are incredibly safe to use. They don’t break easily. Glass balustrades are especially made to be extremely durable, solid and strong. Generally, glass balustrades are made from very thick glass, which explains why it’s safe to have them even around kids. In rare cases where it does break, it won’t shatter into shards that can pierce your skin or cause any injuries.

Another reason why people love glass balustrades is that it’s very low maintenance. You don’t need to clean it every day. And because they are made from fine material, they won’t corrode easily. In order to preserve its sleek look, all you really need is to clean it using a liquid detergent and a sponge and then hose it down to remover the soapsuds.

Despite the availability of options, you know that based on its perks, glass balustrades are the best choice to make in terms of safety, reliability, durability, design and versatility. If you are not convinced, you can always go with your gut feel but don’t say we didn’t warn you.