Glass Balustrades

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Glass balustrades offer clear and unobstructed views of the scenery beyond your boundary, while still providing the security needed from a fence, gate or barrier.

Both residential and commercial properties can benefit from the modern, clean and sleek look provided by glass balustrades, ALS Glass Works can give you professional advice and installation for all situations.


There is nothing better than glass balustrades to enhance the natural beauty of a home. Whether it be installed in place of regular railings on the stairs, open hallways, balconies, or rooftop of a home. It can even look great surrounding a deck.

ALS Glass Works can help you find the right design to suit your balustrade needs. With glass balustrades, you can create an illusion of having a larger open space and it won’t make you feel boxed in like regular railings do. All the products we use meet the requirements set by Australian building codes to give you the safest and most high quality products on the market.

When you consult with ALS Glass Works, you will be given a variety of choices for glass balustrades. There are many sizes and styles available that will suit your needs. You can choose to go with balustrades that come with frames if you feel you want to hold on to something thicker and solid on your balcony, deck, halls, or stairs. You can also go frameless which still provides the protection and safety you need while giving full views. You can also get glass balustrades with very thin top rails or no top rails which don’t compromise viewing. Who wants to hide sweeping views of the ocean, mountain valleys, forests, or even the star-like twinkling of lights of the nightlife in the city?

Multiple Design Choice


We have access to a wide variety of balustrades so whatever specific balustrade design you need, we’ll do our utmost to find it to install in your home or commercial space.

Fair Pricing


We know you’re looking for high quality products at a great price. With ALS Glass Works, you can have the best of both worlds. Get a quote now to see how much you’ll save by going with ALS Glass Works.

High Caliber Materials


ALS Glass Works only uses the best materials in the industry so all our clients have high quality products and are given professional installation services. The materials chosen are durable and will last for many years.

Convenient Service


Once you’ve chosen ALS Glass Works as your choice to install your balustrades for you, we will get to work right away at a time that suits you and your family.

Great Communication


Whatever the design you seek, we can help you achieve the look you want. Consultations with you will help us to develop your own tailored balustrade system. Don’t hesitate to tell us your ideas. We’ll look at the make-up of your house or commercial space and will create a balustrade design that will enhance and compliment your home or commercial area. If you have any questions about the materials and the process of installation, we will be happy to answer them for you.

Get in Touch

If you’d love to have glass pool fencing installed for residential or commercial purposes, call ALS Glass Works or email them directly using the contact information below.