What Are The Advantages Of A Glass Pool Fence?

What Are The Advantages Of A Glass Pool Fence?2022-06-06T13:44:01+10:00
  • Advantages Of A Glass Pool Fence

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Glass Pool Fence Installed In Your Home?

Anyone who decides to have a pool in their backyard knows that it is very important to install a safety fence around it especially if you have small kids in the house. The reason mainly is to keep the kids safe and to avoid the possibility of them falling in the pool and drowning.

According to statistics by the Australian Safety Authorities, children are more susceptible to injuries and deaths at pools that are not safe and secure. So, if you already have a swimming pool in your home or if you are contemplating about getting one, the best safety feature you can add to ensure that your kids are safe is to install a pool fence. Unfortunately, there are a lot of homeowners who are apprehensive to invest in glass pool fences because they see it as an added expense. Well, to be honest, it really is worth the investment especially if you consider its role in keeping your family safe. Not to worry though because at ALS Glass Works, we offer reasonably priced glass pool fences.

Advantages Of A Glass Pool Fence

At ALS Glassworks, we specialise in supplying and installing glass balustrade as well as glass pool fencing. We promise to provide you with exceptional customer service and solutions that are bespoke to your needs.

Back in the days, people used steel rods to keep the children safe and although it does a pretty good job at keeping the children away, the downside is that it’s not that attractive to look at and if you have a small space it will make your backyard look even smaller because of its bulk.

This is why people today are looking at another option like glass pool fencing instead of the traditional steel rods. Glass pool fences are becoming more and more popular and in demand today because people have seen how amazing it is. Here are five advantages why having a glass pool fence installed in your home is the best choice.

  1. It is easy on the eyes. Have you ever seen a glass pool fence before? If you have then we’re sure you’ve noticed how aesthetically pleasing it looks especially the frameless glass pool fencing because it gives you an unconstructed view of the pool area. It does its role to give partition but because you can see right through it, it doesn’t really seem like it’s there. Another advantage of having a clear glass is that you can enjoy talking with your friends on the other side without worrying about your kids because you can see them from where you are. (Learn more about how to choose the right glass here)
  1. The spigots in the glass sheeting are either made of Anodised aluminum or stainless steel. All spigots are short and are securely attached to the base. You’ll barely notice it’s there.
  1. Glass fences are very sturdy and you can rely on them not to break or shatter. You see, the tempered glass used to create glass pool fences are heated to over seven hundred degrees and then they are made to cool as quickly as possible. Through this tedious process, these glass pool fences are made to withstand force. You can even drop it on concrete and it still won’t break. That is how amazing this is.
  1. You won’t have problems with it rusting because it never will. Your glass pool fence does not require that much maintenance. You don’t have to paint it or oil it. In fact, all you need to do is to hose it down, clean it with a dishwashing liquid and rinse it and it will look good.
  1. Your fence can also serve as an excellent windbreak. It helps keep the wind out while allowing the sun to shine through. So aside from acting as a protective fence to keep your children safe, it also serves as a barrier during the cool months. You can enjoy staying in the outdoors without worrying about the cool winds.

In a nutshell, pool owners invest in glass pool fences because of it serves as a safety barrier in your home as it keeps the kids safe from accidents. And because of its unobtrusive design, you can see right through it so you know what is happening in the pool while you’re in the deck having fun. You don’t have to compromise your leisure time by always going around the fence to check on your children. It is also highly coveted because of its sleek and modern design. If you want to learn more about glass pool fences, feel free to visit our website.