The Advantages of Installing Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades can be used with a variety of purposes both inside and outside your home. They are appealing to the eye and have many other advantages which follow.

But first of all, you might be thinking what are GlassBalustrades?

Glass Balustrades –Explanation:

Basically, it’s a type of barrier which is made of glass that can provide protection or can be used as a form of fencing.  Glass balustrades come in a variety of different forms from being fully framed to semi- framed to having no frame at all. There are also different varieties of the type of glass that can be chosen. These include tempered, safety, structural, etc. The design or aesthetic appeal individually wanted for the glass balustrade can be selected as well from textured, curved, solid or opaque options.

Where Can Glass Balustrades Be Used in the Home?

In your home, a glass balustrade can be used in any place that you would normally use a conventional balustrade or barrier system. For example, glass balustrades can be installed:

Verandahs/Balconies: glass balustrades are an attractive, wonderful barrier for your verandah/balcony. Not only does the space feel bigger and more open but your views aren’t limited. Glass balustrades would add to the appeal of decks or any other outdoor room.

Stairs: glass balustrades can be used for both indoor and outdoor staircases. They add to the overall appeal of the home, and safety isn’t compromised as railings can be fitted to the balustrades.

Fencing Around the Pool – glass balustrading surrounding the pool looks amazing and your view into the pool area will be clear and inviting. Our team at ALS Glassworks guarantee that our glass balustrade products and installation comply with all council requirements. We want you and your family to be safe at all times.

Glass Balustrades- More Reasons to Choose This Type of Balustrade

The number one reason why most people choose glass balustrading, is so their view of whatever setting they are in is clear!  In other words, the glass is clear, the view will be clear! People enjoy taking in or relaxing in unobtrusive settings and glass balustrading adds to the desired atmosphere. The ability to see clearly in whatever setting you are in, can’t be undermined. Viewing the beautiful mountain ranges, the sandy beaches or enjoying one’s own garden or swimming pool surroundings are very desirable aspects that glass balustrading offers.

Glass balustrades can be suitable for any type of home, no matter what the design, the age, or the style. They are also safe due to the density of the glass. If by a very slim chance, the glass does break, the glass shatters into small cubes which can be handled with bare hands.

This type of balustrading is durable through most types of weather. Additionally, the components for the installation of glass balustrades are durable as well and virtually maintenance free. Which leaves cleaning as the only job to do. (please check the blog on “cleaning glass balustrades” for handy and effective tips)

You can be confident that you, your family and visitors will be safe and satisfied with glass balustrades in your home.

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