Caring for Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades add an air of classiness to your staircases, verandas, balconies, decks and pool fencing, all the while allowing an unobstructed view. But, just like everything we own, there is maintenance required. In order to keep the glass looking fantastic all the time the following highlights some great tips to assist you in keeping your balustrades in the best condition possible:

How to Clean Glass Balustrades

Even though the upkeep for glass balustrades is low when you compare them to other materials, they do need a little bit of maintenance. You don’t want to have the remnants of vegemite toast, finger painting smudges or other sticky finger residue, garden soil sprinklings and pool splashes drawing the wrong kind of attention to your beautiful balustrades.

Therefore to clean up life’s little messes on your glass balustrades, you will just need a soft cloth and a mild detergent to remove any unwanted substances. This can be used for the glass as well as any other components such as railings or fixings. Once your balustrades are clean, rinse off with water and use another soft cloth for drying. Be wary of using harsh cleaning products that contain alcohol or that are acidic and never use rough surfaced cleaning materials as their abrasive properties could cause permanent damage to your balustrades and effect their smooth surface.

Ideas for Protecting Glass Balustrades

To add an extra level of protection to your glass balustrades, you can apply either a special wax coating to treat the glass or an actual glass protection coating substance. Such coatings can make it easier for cleaning as well. Before you apply any protective coating, please make sure you discuss with one of our team members at ALS Glassworks what your safest and most effective options are. We will be only too happy to have a chat with you to assist you in making an informed decision with regards to what products we have available that will best suit your needs.

Check-Ups and Maintenance:

So now the cleaning is done, the protection is covered, what about regular check-ups for your glass balustrades?  Obviously regular check-ups to see what maintenance needs to be done for our homes is normal and this routine should also be applied for the general upkeep of  your glass balustrades. It doesn’t take long, every few months to take a couple of minutes to ensure that nothing is broken, loose or appears out of place. If you discover that something does need attention, make sure you contact your installer immediately so it can be attended to as soon as possible. Yours and your family safety is of utmost importance and should never be undermined.

Here for You

By following the above tips and hints, your glass balustrades will look shiny, in the best condition and amazing at all times. Your verandas, balconies, staircases, pool fencing etc will always give you that clear, inviting view that you desire.

Our team at ALS Glassworks are only too happy to answer any questions you have regarding the installing, maintenance and safety for glass balustrades. Contact us anytime to discuss all your balustrading questions.

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