Glass Balustrades for Swimming Pools – The Best and Safest Choice

Summer Lovin’ – in the great south east that means if you have a swimming pool, that many days are spent with family and friends enjoying a bbq, a few drinks and a cool down with the kids splashing around in the pool.

If you own a pool or a relative or friend does, you know your summer fun is set. But, though pools are the centre of summer fun, they are an area of your home where sadly, accidents can and do occur. Council legislates that all swimming pools have to have the appropriate fencing surrounding them. This isn’t a choice, it’s the law. Children need to be safe at all times and this is definitely the case when a swimming pool is on your property.

Glass balustrading is a very safe and important choice for pool fencing. The main benefit of glass balustrades, are that because you can see clearly through the glass, your view is unobstructed at all times of the pool area and surrounds so it’s easier to keep a watchful eye on those precious ones in your care.

One other benefit in having glass balustrades installed is visual appeal. They are classy, stylish and modern. This type of balustrading can only add value to your property. Imagine all the compliments, ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ you will get from your visitors! Aside from the ‘look’ factor, you don’t need to worry about the glass shattering or cracking easily causing an unwanted safety hazard. The glass is very dense and strong and is designed to withstand most types of damage.

Also, maintenance is minimal and cleaning a breeze, so that you can enjoy the summer months without a lot of attention needing to be given to your balustrades. (have a read of the blog: “caring for your glass balustrades” detailing quick and simple ideas for their upkeep)

Glass balustrades are a great choice for pool fencing. The advantages are many:

Affordable – we have many packages with different options available for you to consider. At ALS Glass Works we want you to be happy with choice.

Durability & Strength – Glass balustrades have been proven under much testing that they are highly resistant to damage.

Visual Appeal – Glass fencing around your pool, always looks fantastic and gives your home a resort-like feel.

Safety – You always will have a clear view, of your swimming pool surrounds so those in your care can be safe at all times.

Choosing glass balustrades is a perfect choice for fencing your swimming pool. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members at ALS Glass Works to arrange a time to discuss with you the best type of fencing for your swimming pool. We will also provide you with an obligation free quote to consider. We pride ourselves on being specialists in the services and products we offer and guarantee that our installation methods and all our products are manufactured to comply with all safety regulations and council requirements.

Contact us today – one of our friendly team members today.

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