The scores have been settled in many comps lately! Our year has been full, our bottoms moulded to sofas and our eyes glued to screens. However there is another score we need to know the answer to – for fencing, which is better, aluminium or steel?

Originally, steel was the best choice available, but as the world and technology advanced so did better, improved options for fencing.

Steel presents the following problems:

Steel can rust easily even though it’s a strong material. When steel is used for fencing around swimming pools, the chemicals used in them reacts with the steel and therefore rusting occurs.  Also the natural elements cause steel to erode and maintenance is frustrating.  To repair the damage is expensive.

Coloured steel, although, initially looking fantastic, is prone to scratches and chipping. To re-colour and repatch isn’t fun and takes a fair bit of skill for it too look as it did in its original form. The disappointing factor here, is that after you’ve done all that work, you may pretty soon have to do it all again.

Another problem with steel fences is when a panel is damaged and needs to be replaced. It is a difficult task as steel is heavy and not easy to work with. It’s also expensive.

Over the years, much was learnt about steel, in effect it was a great teacher and manufacturers were able to use that knowledge to produce a much better product – Aluminium.

Aluminium possessed the qualities that were very much desired for fencing. Durable, manageable, light weight, and rustproof. Aluminium fences aren’t difficult to install or work with and they can resist the elements no matter what the weather. Their maintenance is low, easy and if damage does occur, repair work isn’t difficult.

Aluminium is also malleable, so can be formed into many classic, elegant and modern designs which will appeal to anyone wanting to install a new fence. You can choose fencing to match your home, match your landscape.

Research has shown that the aluminium fences which have been powder-coated, last and last. They are available in many designs and are appealing to the eye. At ALS Glassworks, we have a great range of aluminium fences for purchase. You’re welcome to contact us anytime to discuss the options we have available. One of our friendly team will only be too happy to show you our range.

Another benefit of aluminium fencing is the cost. Because of its durability and low maintenance properties, the costs are low over time when you compare it to the price of steel fencing.

Aluminium is obviously the clear winner!! In saying that, steel was a great forerunner and studying it’s properties, enabled manufacturers to create a great product.

Now, after weighing up the pros and cons, it’s time to select what style of aluminium fence you would like and what part of your property you would like it installed. Remember the designs, colours, and styles are many and we look forward to taking the time to discuss with you the great options we have in our store.

Contact us today.

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