What to Do With That Old Fence

Congratulations! You’ve decided to re-fence your property or pool.  As discussed in previous blogs, glass balustrades or aluminum fences are great choices not only for adding to the appearance of your home but also for their minimal environmental ‘footprint.’

But the dilemma now is, what to do with your existing fence.

Naturally, as society has embedded in us now, everything we don’t want, and where we toss it effects the environment for good or for bad.  So a ‘cycling’ mindset is a good one to have. No – we’re not discussing the two wheel types here but rather – recycle, upcycle or free cycle.

Depending on the type of fence you have and the condition it’s in, it probably will be useful for someone else. The following covers a few ideas to help you decide what to do with that ol’ fence:

1. Advertise

Whether it’s online or on printed page, Advertise!  Explain what the material is, the approx. measurements and add a couple of photos so interested party’s know exactly what’s on offer. Many people will give their existing fence away for free if the prospective new owner is happy to come and remove it themselves.  The great thing for you is that it saves you removal costs.  Make sure you provide information with regards to what foundation is supporting the footings so appropriate and adequate tools and even machinery can be brought.

2. Donate

You never know how many different community based organisations might be looking for fencing materials. For example:

Animal shelters or animal foster families can usually use fencing for housing and/or containing animals.

Contact your local council to see if caretakers of projects like community gardens might be interested.  Or, they might even have another idea where your fence would be useful. For example they might know of a local farmer who is in need of fencing materials.

3. Recycle

If your existing fence is made from a recyclable metal-type material, you might be able to make a few dollars by taking it to a scrap metal yard. Call them to find out what they pay per kilogram.  The bonus is you will have some extra cash and the environment will be better off as you haven’t just dumped it.

Just make sure you have the correct tools available and hopefully a few helping hands so your existing fence can removed both safely and quickly.

4. Talk to Us

Give us a call at ALS Glassworks to discuss possible options for fence removal. Also, the trusting and professional relationship we have with other fencing contractors and suppliers will almost certainly guarantee that your existing fence can be removed and reused in some way.

5. Upcycle

Visit your local library or research online the great ideas people have had for upcycling fencing materials. Works of art, garden ornaments, sculptures, benches, and kitchen and bathroom creative ideas, etc. are just a few of the inspirational ‘projects’.  Who knows, your creative clock might just start ticking.

The main point to this blog is to think about the environment and to know that there are lots of options to consider for your existing fence that won’t make a negative impact. After you have decided what to do, have fun, and then enjoy the feeling of pride and safety a new fence adds to your home.

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