Aluminum: A Great Option for Fencing

At ALS Glassworks we proudly offer different types of fencing material and are specialists in the installation of all of them. We have already covered the advantages of installing glass balustrades in previous blogs so this one will focus on the benefits of installing aluminum fencing.  As you will see, in the following points, it’s definitely a great option to consider.

1. The Cost is Affordable.

Compared to other fencing material, aluminum costs less and is affordable.  We have different packages available for you to peruse.

2. Rust – What Rust!

One of the great qualities Aluminum has is that it doesn’t rust. Rain, Hail, Shine, it always looks great no matter what the weather.

3. Maintenance is Minimal

Not only doesn’t aluminum rust, but you can put your paint brushes away as it never needs to be repainted.  If a piece of the fencing somehow gets damaged, it’s easy to replace that panel. Make sure you have a look at the great range of colours we have available at ALS Glassworks.

4. They Look Great

Just like iron gives a home that elegant look of classic beauty, aluminum fencing provides that same desired look without the high price tag. Come and have a look at the different styles of aluminum fencing we have to offer.

5. Safety

Aluminum fencing is a great choice for use around a swimming pool. An added bonus is that your view of the pool area and surroundings is mostly clear. You can see what is happening in that area of your property at all times. All our aluminum fencing products and installation methods comply with all council safety regulations.

Aluminum fencing for your property also adds to the security aspects as it’s very difficult to cut through this type of fencing.

6. Adjustable

No matter what the topography of your property, we can adjust the fencing to suit your landscape. If your property is situated on the flats or on a hillside, we will happily cater to any situation. As we are specialists in our field, we will make sure your fencing is installed professionally and looks amazing with no unwanted gaps.

7. There to Stay

The beauty of aluminum fences is that they last. Rotting, rusting, sum damage, disintegration just doesn’t occur.  Their composition allows them to stand up to the elements whatever they are. We guarantee the durability of our aluminum fencing products.

8. Easy to Put Together

The beauty of aluminium fences is that they are put together easily. Our specialised team won’t take long to assemble and install your fence.

9. Our Guarantee

The Aluminum products we use for fencing, all come with a lifetime warranty which we proudly stand by.

As you can see fences made from Aluminum have many benefits and are definitely worth considering.. One of our friendly team members at ALS Glassworks will happily take the time to discuss with you, fencing options that would best suit your property and budget.  Don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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